The contents of this site are not an accurate representation of the bulk of my work and/or skills. To see most of my work you'd have to dive under my bed and dig through a huge box of paintings, drawings, prints and paper scraps that I cannot seem to part with. Or you'd have to hop into a time machine and go back to 2001 to a dumpster outside of my graduate studio at CSULB, there you'd have found a bunch of work I was too lazy to pack and schlep around after my move out of Long Beach. Another option would be to drop by any of my "friends" apartments and have a look on their walls or at the furniture that surrounds them. At any rate, what you see here is what I've been able to catalog digitally thus far...

So my work is based, for the most part, in dream. Dreams fuel my creativity. I occasionally dream in text, hyper-realistic imagery filled with words and phrases, supersaturated color in a world where water is air. I also have cinematic dreams, filled with fragmented images, from these fragments, words and sensations, I attempt to piece together images to explain the words/images/feelings in my head/heart/memories. Dreams leave me inspired upon awakening, but generally speaking, coffee and "work" (the bill paying type) sadly beats the previous night's inspiration right out of me. I haven't "painted" (other than home improvement) in years. I fear I will have to wait for retirement to take it up again.

Occasionally I take on a cake or treat for some friend's celebration. Lately I have been experimenting with food/sugar craft (gum-paste flowers and cake decoration). I find this work cathartic (while simultaneously stressful) when working on a approaching deadline for a cake delivery. I do not bake/decorate/cater professionally, but rather create for grateful friends who leave the details up to me (no micro-managing allowed) and for whom I enjoy seeing the surprised/happiness on their faces when they see their cake/treats.

Heather Ryberg-Williams